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Why 4PLANESonly?

The idea was born in 2016, in London, while sitting with a glass of wine,

which is how the best ideas are born.


The production process took almost 4 years.

Yes, we know it’s a long time ... but selecting the right materials as well as high-quality components, was a real challenge for us. Then the development of the designs, looking for a contractor with the appropriate experience and talent ...

From the very beginning, we focused on Polish producers and the domestic market wherever possible.

So it started: prototypes, tests, trials, tests, prototypes, tests, prototypes, prototypes, prototypes …

We've spent the last two years doing exclusively that. We would like to take this opportunity o thank those who agreed to test the shoes and sent us their feedback. We wanted to be sure of every detail so as to ensure the utmost comfort of your aviation feet.

At some point, we saw shoes mereley as a piece of cloth with a high heel. Now we know of how many elements it consists of and what impact each of them has on the shoe’s comfort.

Toes, soles, insoles, heels, linings ... We can talk about it for hours, but we have prepared a short version for you, which we hope will convince you that these are not chain store shoes, but specialized shoes adapted to work 10,000 meters above the ground!

We adhere to the principle of “fall in love with it’s looks - appreciate the interior”.

 Cabin Crew Shoes

We start the description with what you see at first glance, and then go into what we have hidden inside our shoe.


The top layer

The external layer of our footwear is made of high-quality grain leather from Polish tanneries. We chose its thickness in order to maintain a balance between the durability of the shoe and its comfort. It adapts to the foot without losing shape. If you don’t want to choke your feet and blisters, use only natural leather shoes.

cabin crew shoes 4planesonly

Heels - Made to Last.

This is another element that took us some time to select. There is probably nothing worse than scratched heels with the piercing white plastic they are made of. We will not protect you from scratches, but in “4PLANESonly” shoes they will not be so visible, because the heels are all made of black plastic. Its material imitates leather +10 on looks!

cabin crew shoes 4planesonly

So let's take a look inside!

If you wear black tights in your airline, the bright inner sides of the shoe are visible while walking, so it’s not a coincidence that we decided to go dark. Together with our testers, we found this combination the best.. We don't need to point out the fact that you will not find any artificial material here too, we don't have to add, right?

Shoe seam.

We also hid them inside to make the shoe look even more elegant. Yes, we also took care of such small details.

cabin crew shoes 4planesonly

Shoe toecap.

In addition, we strengthened those to protect your fingers.

Breathable lining.

This is the top of our insole. Execution? Natural leather, of course, in a beautiful warm brown color. The delicate perforation that has been covered contributes to the increased air flow in the footwear. This is important, because if there is no air circulation in the shoe, your foot will sweat, making it more prone to chafing and blisters, which can often stay with you forever.

cabin crew shoes 4planesonly

Antibacterial, profiled insole - Bounce Back

As much as 3 millimeters of foam made of natural, breathable material.

An additional 1.5 millimeter thick cushion under the metatarsus will make you forget about changing to ballerinas, even on long flights.

The foam's flexibility and elasticity is influenced by the open pores it is made of. During the step (pressure), air escapes to the outside and is sucked back into the microcells, which restores the original profile of the foam.

In lower quality footwear, you will quickly notice the deformation of the insole. Yes, these are closed pores. Once the air is squeezed out - there is no way for it to return, and instead of softness inside the shoe, you feel a hard, unpleasant surface.

Here, we focused on German reliability .

cabin crew shoes 4planesonly

Midsole - Ciao Ciao Italia.

It is an element that you cannot see, and it plays a crucial role - it is the backbone of your shoe, responsible for its stability and durability. We wanted a strong construction of the shoe, so we flew to Italy for the perfect insole. 

And here's a bonus - additional reinforcement. It extends the life of the shoe and makes it even more comfortable.We know that you will gladly wear 4PLANESonly shoes on not only on board.

And finally...

Something that was once the beginning - the beginning of the story of creating comfortable and beautiful shoes for flight attendants: a side, gold, airplane-shaped pin. This tiny shiny detail will make you smile every time you look at it.

cabin crew shoes 4planesonly


We also have an option without a pin for those whose airline requirements do not allow it.


We hope that by now you can see how much heart we put into creating 4PLANESonly shoes.


cabin crew shoes 4planesonly


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